Who I am

I’m a digital marketer, lecturer and owner of Marketing Festival. I believe in fair-play and that the main goal of an entrepreneurship is to provide added value. I always prefers quality over quantity, especially in education.

For the last three years I have been on a mission to make marketing conferences better. I have had enough of all those well-known stereotypes: Speakers and sponsors actually paying to talk at conferences, overtly general and recycled content, poor customer service and an overall lackluster atmosphere.

I think people (marketers) can demand more for the high price they often pay for a conference ticket. That's why I started Marketing Festival 3 years.


Marketing Festival

Three consecutive sold-out events - each sold out months in advance. We understand and believe in all of the elements required to create a world-class conference. We identify and bring to the stage the best speakers and topics available and blend in the finest catering, coffee, and concerts on the market. This is Marketing Festival.



Professional Experience

[2009 - 2015] Freelance PPC specialist

[2014 - 2015] Digital marketing teacher @ Masarykova Univerzita Brno

[2010 - 2013] SEM Team leader @ igloonet.cz

Some of my clients:

Žít Brno (PPC) political campaign, Vema a.s., TIETO, Dulux, Detecha + Jelení Lůj, Seznam.cz, Snowboard Zezula, DvěDeci.cz, Frank Bold, GREP Design, UGO, Natelo37, Top4Football.cz, Lamantine Software a.s., JC Correct, TIETO, Festival JamRock, Tescoma, igloonet s.r.o., GrowJOB s.r.o., Nemocnice u sv. Anny Brno, Český Rozhlas, VUT v Brně, Mendelova Univerzita v Brně, VŠB v Ostravě, Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Charlie Straight, Film Bastardi 1,2,3, Court of Moravia, UTB Zlín, Michal Janík, Agentura Pulary, Talent Roku, Z STUDIO, 5* Hotel Hoffmeister, Contexo s.r.o., ArtTriton s.r.o., Hodinky-Outlet.cz, SEO Linahrt s.r.o., Onio s.r.o.